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Ladybird, Ladybird

Insects and woodland beasts was the spec for dressing up.

Don't you just groan when the kids come home from school and utter those words 'muuuum - I've got to dress up..........tomorrow!'

'Oh big fat groan!'

How hard could this be? I had some reindeer antlers left over from Christmas, but would a reindeer be up for the job in a woodland themed dress up?

I didn't think so either and even though my girls are mad on Bambi I just didn't have the umph to pull together a brown coloured outfit. My girls are pink - girlie pink with a splash of glitter and sparkle. Not a dot or dash of brown to be seen anywhere. I'd probably make them look like a big fat dollop of something or other anyway rather then a doe eyed deer!

But red I could do red - it is 'my' favourite colour after all. And teamed with black. Every girl likes a bit of black and dots, of course dots - well I don't need to explain that one - who doesn't like dots? So a Ladybird it was to be.

And it was as easy as pie, to pull this little ensemble together.

The pattern is from the book 'Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids' by Emma Hardy. I love her children's making books - remember this post from a pattern I made from another of her books.

So simple and easy and looks absolutely fabulous.

I do confess to changing the wings to netted ones because as easy as it sounds to twist a coat hanger into the shape of wings - the reality of it is, the air becomes filled with a lot of rude words....from me!

I also opted out of antennas because as cute as they look, they probably wouldn't of lasted five minutes and I'm not too sure how many ladybirds I've come across with antennas.

So that's that - another costume out of the way, another big groan evaporated into the atmosphere and one happy little girl that received many a complement of 'aawwwwww how cute - did your mummy really make that?' And one jolly mum - pleased as punch.

Enjoy the rest of your day,