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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


I'm feeling so disorganised this week - Basement Jaxx lyrics 'Where's you head at' springs to mind.

Anyhoo, unfortunately I managed to marry a man with his birthday the day before mine. Or fortunately depending on how you look at it - at least he never forgets!

So this weekend (just gone) saw a joint celebration - of sorts - between Mr Boo and I.

The dreaded 'pox' chased off any plans we had of actually tarting ourselves up and going out to eat, drink and the stagger ( I was going to say dance, but Mr B....really!) the night away with friends.

And to be honest I was just happy with a swap of night shift to get some well needed, wriggle free shut eye. That little Boo can't half jiggle around in her sleep - itchy spots aside.

No pictures of spoiling, presents, laughter and merriment - not on the day I'm afraid. As I said I'm feeling most disorganised this week.

So after the eldest Boo's donut cake which may I add we are still eating! I decided to make a dig in with spoons, stacked up - as high as I could balance - dripping with chocolate, filled with fresh whipped cream, profiterole (kind of) birthday cake.

It's a pity our little ones are not all that keen on fresh cream....ahhhhhhh such a shame.

Rest assured we both got some super fab presents - my gift giving (of course) was outstanding. And I'll try and take some pictures when things have calmed down.

At the moment the kitchen is in the dining room with extra piles of stuff stacked around me in the back room - honestly it looks like we've just moved in, the mess and all - and the smell of wet paint and varnish are wafting nicely around the house.

Anyway, I did manage to wangle a little convalescing in the sun on Sunday though - seeing as not only was it my birthday, but Mothers day too!

I dunno - Easter last year, Mothers day this year - I do wish I would stop getting picked on to share my birthday.

And at this very moment in time welllll, I'm suppose to be curled up with the littlest Boo watching 'The Rescuers' but I'm sat here - out the back surrounded by piles of stuff - playing with 'Elements 9' - one of the presents Mr Boo lavished on me for my birthday.

Here's to Spring cleaning, sharing (sometimes) and having a general spruce up.