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A Classic Cake

Hellllllo - she says in a a long and drawn out kind of way.

I have that Monday morning feeling - in fact I have that feeling most mornings, but today it's really hit me hard. Hormones and the weather I'm guessing!

Anyhoo, did you have a lovely fathers day/relaxing/being organised/out in the garden or all snuggled up because of the rain kind of weekend?

Ours touched on most of those areas at some point with the odd plane bombing over head from the air show every now and again!

And for me a weekend wouldn't be the same or even half decent with out a jolly good old cake.

A Victoria sponge to be precise.

Now in all my humble years of baking - there was a time when the man of the house did all the cooking because I was that clueless (uh huh!) - have I ever made a good old fashioned, traditional 'Victoria Sponge' - the reason why? I haven't the slightest idea!

I guess I've always been a chocolate baking cake kind of gal.

But at the weekend I thought I'd give it a go.

We always have all the ingredients to bake a cake in this house plus with fresh double cream in the fridge ready to be whipped and homemade strawberry jam for spreading I had no excuse not to.

Another strawberry and cream combination.

I did weigh up on my hands whether to opt for jam or fresh strawberries. I kind of figured the jam would make the cake last a tad bit longer rather then fresh strawberries that would go all mushy and not taste so nice within hours.

I may make a lot of cake, but we don't really sit here shoving it into our faces all day long - we do like our cake to last - at least two days I'd say!

Anyway, I'm glad I gave it a go, it was very nice but as it goes - I think I'll stick to the chocolate variety from now on and save the fully loaded fresh cream classics for special occasions.

Here's to another week......and left over cake.