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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Jelly and Jam

Hello, good morning and g'day - I hope you're having a lovely far?

Too brightly?

To be honest I feel absolutely dead on my feet today - pooped, to be honest. It's my own fault though.

Too much late night catching up on TV stuff and not enough sleep. Then being woken at the crack of dawn (it felt like it) by a wide awake little one creeping into bed with me - chat, chat, chatting away until I gave up on pretending to be asleep and got up!

The only thing that is keeping me awake at the moment is the strong coffee I've just sipped and a bar of Green and Blacks butterscotch chocolate which I've just realised - I've nibbled the lot!

A whole 100g bar of chocolate 'gone' - just like that. Oh I'm going to pay for that later.

Anyhoo, I just thought I would keep you updated with the preserving procedures going on at Tabiboo HQ at the moment.

This week it has mainly been strawberry jam and elderflower jelly making.

Now strawberry jam is one of our all time favourite jams and is something we do every year with the home grown patch.

It's like bottling the taste of Summer and on a dreary cold Winter's day a dollop of that on some freshly hot buttered toast can lift the spirits no end.

There are endless recipes to be found online to suit your palate - unless of course you have a favourite hand me down recipe from mum or grandma's scrapbook.

But a new discovery this year is elderflower jam or jelly - which ever way you want to think of it.

It has a consistency more like jelly then jam. Like shredless marmalade, but tastes just like elderflower cordial.

You can find the recipe here and is very nice as an alternative if you are fed up with making cordial or champers. Though be quick as the flowers have almost gone.

I slavered mine on a thick slice of wholemeal bread and it tasted divine.

Well best go. I feel like I'm prattling on for no good reason at the moment. Like my little one this morning.

Prattling without a cause - that's me!

It is a toss up between another cup of coffee or a snooze in the garden though...............mmmmmmm, maybe both.

Have a great day.