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Ultimate chocolate cups

Just a little something for the weekend - and very easy to make.

I made these chocolate cups a good month or so back after finding a recipe online whilst looking for an alternative peanut butter chocolate cup recipe.

They haven't lasted this long honestly.

I took these pictures back when I originally made them and they lasted all of about an hour......or so. But in true Tabiboo style - I completely forgot to blog about them.


Now I know Nigella does have her own method of making these peanut butter cups or squares and it's a firm favourite in our house (if you remember this post) but I just wanted to find something a little bit different. So I googled.

If you go on to Pinterest you can find a whole page dedicated to these chocolate cups with a wealth of inspiration.

But the beauty of these little chocolate cups (I've found) is that you can put anything - absolutely 'anything' (within reason) inside them.

I used - for one batch - chocolate raisins (that's what I had to hand on the day) and mini marshmallows. And for the other batch just plain old peanut butter.

I've also made a s'mores version of these as well with marshmallow fluff and digestive biscuits. They were reallllllly nice.

Anyhow - I can't remember where I found the exact recipe for these chocolate cups, but as mentioned above - the recipe is ever so easy.

Basically for each batch you will need one large bar of your chosen chocolate.

When making chocolate products I always choose a bar that I know will be liked so Cadbury's milk is normally the flavour I opt for.

If you're careful it melts nicely and isn't too pricey plus it's a lot tastier and flavoursome then plain old cooking chocolate.

OK. You will need.

1 x 240g bar chocolate
silicone cupcake cases
fillings of your choice

Break the bar of chocolate in half and then break one half up into little pieces - melt gently.

I tend to use the microwave to melt chocolate. Just a 40 second blast then test. If it still looks quite solid then give it another 30 seconds. It should be starting to melt at this point and with a bit of stirring it should melt fully on it's own momentum.

Once melted paint your silicone cupcake cases with the melted chocolate.

I use silicone cupcake cases as they peel off really easily.

Just about a teaspoon per case and you can use the spoon to move it around and cover all of the inside.

Once all the cases have been done pop them on a tray and place them in the fridge for about ten minutes to harden up.

Now here's the fun part - the filling.

Basically just fill them up with what ever you fancy or have to hand. Or you could go the traditional route with a s'mores filling or peanut butter.

You could also (if you wanted to) follow Nigella's peanut butter filling for her peanut butter chocolate square or cases which is a peanut butter and icing sugar mix, but to be honest I just used a dollop of plain old smooth peanut butter - it was less sweet.

Then melt the (other) left over half of chocolate - as detailed above.

Once melted add a dollop to the top of the filled chocolate cup cases (about a teaspoon each again) and put them back in the fridge. A little longer this time - I'd say twenty minutes to half and hour until they are set fully.

Once you are confident they have set properly then you can peel the silicone cases off and 'hey presto' - temptation is an 'Ultimate Chocolate Cup'

If they last - which I doubt they will - I would say a week tops for storing because as with chocolate that is melted and then reset it does tend go white after a while.

Sorry for the pudding/chocolate overload this week, but I just knew you would love these.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy.

Nina xxx