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Nifty little gadget

I'm pretty so, so when it comes to gadgets. It has to be time saving and money well spent in my books. I'm still debating whether the dishwasher falls into this category even now.....ten years on!

So when it came to the instant ice lolly maker I was initially 'yeah - that sounds great' but I had my reservations.

This isn't a gadget I've been given and asked to say nice things about by the way - I can't think of a time that has ever happened to be honest. Though I do know other bloggers do.

No - this is purely a gadget I purchased (with Mr B's heard earned money) to try and make the ice lolly argument a little easier in our household. And 'oh boy' we've had a few. If you're a regular reader then I'm sure you will remember.

Plus we like to make things around here - good old fashioned wholesome stuff - and I always kind of have in my head......if my grandmother could, if all these modern day appliances were available to her (in her day) to help make her life a little easier and take those nigglesome aches and pains out of her housewife/mothers body - then would she?

Like me I'd like to think yes.......on some things. Vacuum cleaner - absolutely, washing machine - with out a shadow of doubt. Dishwasher - still not sure!

Anyhow, in my defence, I have tried to make no churn ice cream - the kids didn't like it. I ended up eating the lot and that's no good for my little fat thighs.

Ice pops/lollies just took too long and pure old ice cream in the ice cream maker is OK, but the bowl is too darn big so like the lollies - I have to plan way in advance.

Now I know that this 'nifty little gadget' has a unit you have to freeze in advance, but compared to the ice cream maker bowl it is tiny in comparison and I can justify (in the Summer) keeping it in the freezer. Autumn and Winter will be a completely different matter.

And I have to say that even though we made these (instant) ice lollies back in June - I haven't been holding onto them since then, we did eat them immediately - and even though the unit was left in the freezer for all of July - weather related. Say no more! But so far - for August - it has been a huge success.

The kids get involved - which they love - plus it means they are far more likely to eat any concoctions we come up with and we make them from all natural ingredients.

In June it was strawberries and now August it's blackberries.

Gawd knows what it'll be in September if we have the Indian Summer we are all hoping for!

Apple puree............maybe.

Have a brilliant, beautiful day.


these were homemade strawberry ice lollies - many recipes can be found online - drizzled with white chocolate (once the lollies had set) and sprinkled with chocolate uummmmmmm, sprinkles before the white chocolate set.

Conclusion - deeeeeeeelicious!