Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Old Fashioned

Our garden is a constant - it never changes from season to season. Unless of course I add a little something new. But inevitably with my lack of green fingers (not for the want) new additions always end up dying on me.

I did try and kill the (above) hydrangea when we first moved here - not deliberately - but with an established garden full of bush upon bush of easy maintaining, errrrrrmmmmm, bushes - I hated it.

Not the hydrangeas mind you, not anymore. Just the formalness of an old fashioned garden lovingly designed and planted eons ago.

I wanted height and vibrancy, things that swished and wafted pure gorgeousness. Ahhhhhhhh those were the days. Two adults one babe - the ambition.

I chopped and dug, uprooted and replanted, but my green fingers always let me down.

It was only the traditional, old and well established that kept popping back, year after year, season after season and it really annoyed me.

A friend did ask me, once, 'why' was I so set on removing these wonderful old fashioned beauties from our garden seeing as I absolutely live and breath values of tradition which is so deep rooted in my very being. To be honest I couldn't answer her - I was (if truth be known) a little bit dumb founded with myself when it was put like that, for she was right.

Then frustration set in and two other babes arrived. Time has become a thing that seems to slip away too freely.

And now, well, I really don't care what the garden looks like. As long as I can go out and snippity snip every now and again beautiful (seasonal) old fashioned and traditional bouquets to dot around the house including the only three things I've ever managed to grow successfully here.

A silver birch, rowan (or ash) tree and masses and masses of daisies - the oxeye variety - and I love them all. The old and the new.

The hydrangeas are my seasonal thing at the moment and I've gone from loathing them to nurturing, gathering and drying. They are my mainstay and I (and my garden) - now and future - would not be without them.

Have a wonderful weekend.