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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Campfires and Chimnea

'How many sleeps mamma?'

'Just two now sweetie..........just two'

Time is recorded in our house by 'how many sleeps?' - it is the language of time that our little ones understand and it is a long loved tradition that we started when the eldest Boo became aware of such things. Around the age of two........from memory.

Some use calenders others count down sheets or cross off charts. We use sleeps.

It is a fundamental part, integrated into our family and something I will always use and treasure - even when I'm old and grey. Well scrap the grey bit, I'm already there!

Two more sleeps left of the Summer holidays. And what a fabulous Summer holiday it has been.

We've roamed across fields and down country lanes, picked wild blackberries and fed the ducks though half I have not told, but I will - probably next week when I myself will have a little more time to sit and think.

Two more sleeps left until the house falls silent again. That is going to feel strange.

We've really bonded as a family this Summer - term time kids (and mum) are hard work to be around. Stepping away from the cycle it normally takes at least a week to shake the routine, restrictions and responsibilities off. To feel normal again. And even though memories are good I think the silence will make me feel sad. Does that sound strange?

Anyway. We've spent this past week savouring every last moment to be had and most days have rolled on into evenings spent outside under the stars.

Chimneas have been lit (we have two - big and small) and campfires constructed. We've huddled around enjoying each others company, recounting stories of our holiday memories - and airing views and concerns for the coming future.

It's been good. It is good.........

and I've loved every moment we've spent together in close proximity - as a family.

And now there are just two more sleeps left.

Not the end of the world - I know.

We still have each other - I know.

But I also know (from past experience) that come next week the little ones I've spent so much time with over the past six weeks, enjoyed doing so much stuff and spending so much time with (that must sound really bad coming from a mother) will get gobbled up in the system to become almost unrecognisable, demanding, grumpy, tired, argumentative, foot stamping wild things. Until the next break that is.

Sorry, I didn't mean to end on a negative - in my head I was thinking more realistic.

Have a wonderful weekend.