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Chilli Peppers

All grown in the greenhouse this year.

The man of the house has a passion for chillies - I'm not all that keen as you may know from previous postings - but who am I to squash his fondness of these fiery little things.

Our greenhouse seems to be bursting at the moment with all sorts of different chilli plants and these are the first to be picked of the year (I think) - all destined for pickling.

The eldest Boo is the only other family member who has a liking for these hot and tongue tingling fruits - or could that be vegetable? - and is it a male thing? To have a liking for heat that is.

Apart from pickling and chilli jam they freeze really well so the guys have chillies all year round........great!

We did have a run down on the name of each one, but for the life of me I can't remember now.

I think one of them is a jalapeno and the only other name I can remember for a chilli is a scotch bonnet, but I don't think we have any of those. I could be wrong though.

I do have to admit to liking the look of them. They do look very tempting...........and deceptive. Experience has taught me well though.

The colours may make your eyes 'pop' but as for eating - phew - no thanks.

No, I think I will leave these little delectable home grown 'blow the roof of your mouth off' produce to the menfolk of the house.

Have a fabulous week.


ps. thank you for all your lovely and understanding messages yesterday. It really was a tough one to put down in words and I'm so glad it made sense. Thank you again - Nina x