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Griddle cakes and cobnuts

What a funny old day it was yesterday. It almost felt like we were getting the back end of a storm.

Gale force winds, rain lashing down, branches flung here, there and everywhere and if you were not so lucky a whole tree or being stuck in endless traffic.

It was the kind of day that made you (me) want to hunker down, snuggle up and stay all warm and cosy.

Apart from the school run that is - which I luckily get to share.

That was pretty much how my day unfolded.

With the jazz turned up high I squirreled myself away, cleaning up and tidying away six whole weeks of nothingness.

By which I mean - I did nothing over the Summer holidays, not a jot.

Well maybe the bare minimum as we still needed clean clothes and meals to eat.

All restraints get flung off in our home when school is out - we like to play......a lot. What is the fun in being tied to the chores when the routine turns from stressed and harassed to absolutely zero overnight.

Anyhow, as I was saying - the wind was howling, the rain pummelling down (I think I wrote something on Twitter like 'it's raining, it's pouring.......!' yesterday morning, which was exactly what it was doing.

To be honest I love weather like that - a blustery kind of day. Forget the namby pamby drizzle, it's got to be a good old fashioned blasting and I guess you can imagine how that would feel on the seafront? Your wild inner child released, running free and all you want to do is run, jump and scream into the wind whilst your hair whips around your face as you get blasted and buffeted about . Ahhhhhhh........a fine old day.

Not that I ventured down to the seafront yesterday - unfortunately - all but lighting a fire (it wasn't that cold) I just wanted to stay at home.

Home. With its delicious low lights, vanilla candles lit, music playing and a jolly good pottering.

And I wanted the children to come home from school with the smell of fresh baking welcoming their return.

Griddle cakes (or scones) are one of our comfort foods. Not long to make - or bake - all warm and delicious just off the griddle and placed into eager little hands. I use a Delia recipe.

The griddle is for the stove, but a job on our list this Autumn is to (hopefully find) install a wood burning stove with a hot plate so we can make these kind of things whilst huddle around the glow and the warmth.

As for the cobnuts - I've never had them! Lived in Kent for (cor' blimey) fourteen'ish' years and I've never tried a Kentish cobnut.

Our local fruit and veg shop are selling them at the moment.

It kind of figures as they are in season. I was going to roast them up as they are very similar to the hazelnut (apparently) - but we never got round to it so now I'm on the hunt for a recipe. Otherwise they will end up roasted, at some point, over the weekend.

Well have a wonderful kind of day - the weather has calmed down here a lot. Now it's a washing kind of day.


:: edited :: those cobnuts were delish - straight out of the shells (thanks for the info ladies) and funnily enough an article on cobnuts and a farm in Kent is featured in this months issue of Country Living. N xxx