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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Steam power

Or a chugga, chugga, choo, choo - which is what the little Boo and I refer to any kind of train!

Way back in August right at the end of the Summer holidays we decided to take a family jaunt over to Tenterden - Kent.

The idea was to have a mooch and a wander around the town - we've heard so many lovely things said about the place - then grab some lunch and if we were lucky maybe go and have a gawp at the odd passing steam train..........or two.

With all good intentions in mind the plan didn't really happen like that at all.

What actually really happened was this ::

We got to Tenterden and started to have a little mooch around, wandering in and out of shops and 'oooohhhhhing' at stuff in general, but..................!

Kids don't really do adult mooching - not our kids anyhow - so we ended up grabbing some sandwiches in Waitrose - a picnic on the hop so to speak - with the promise that we would find somewhere to eat our lunch (the grounds of the church as it so happens) then pootle on off to see if we could spy a steam train.

We had no plans of jumping on the first available train that came along, none what so ever, but for some unknown reason - the kids got to travel for a £1 might of had something to do with it - we did.

And not just a hop on then off at the next station and wait for the return train 'oh no' we took the steam train all the way out - the longest journey that could possibly be taken - across two counties - starting in Kent and ending up in Sussex to...................Bodiam Castle.

Now I'm the first person to hold up their hand (high) and confess 'yes' I am obsessive about a lot of things, but trains are definitely 'not' one of them.

They really do nothing for me - apart from getting me from A to B.

But this was 'the best......ever' train ride I have 'ever' taken - it was fantastic.

We have taken the Thomas train before from Tenterden, but that was when our eldest was our only one and the smallest - at the time. If that makes sense?

It was fun, but crowded and very kiddie orientated - a sort of sit back and grin (for the sake of it) kind of steam train adventure.

Nothing like the day out we had this time round.

We did spend most of the journey with our heads hanging out of the window - hair flapping in the breeze - watching the world go by, taking in the beautiful scenery and waving madly at anyone that took any notice.

{see look - that's me}

We weren't really go that fast to be honest.

It took roughly an hour each way. Though by car it would probably be a fraction of that time - as the crow flies - and not half as much fun.

It was brilliant and we would definitely do it again. Play at old fashioned travelling in a wonderful old steam train.

Chugga, chugga, choo, CHOOOOOOOO...............!