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Lollipop, lollipop

I had a go at making the kids homemade lollipops yesterday. The inspiration as always was from Pinterest and various recipes I'd found a wee while back.

These were intended as a Summer make, but as with all good intentions - I never got around to it.

But yesterday found me with the time on my hands and all the right ingredients so I kind of thought 'why not?'

Measuring, boiling, cracking (and setting) points all had my small kitchen steamed up yesterday for all of about fifteen minutes, with thoughts in my head of grateful children squealing with delight as I handed over hardened flavoured coloured sugar on a stick.

They didn't like them!

Not quite the image I formed in my head.

Maybe it was the edible glitter I had sprinkled liberally all over them to make them look more appealing {or} maybe it was my less then perfect pouring that made them look all out of shape, not round and circular {or} was it because they looked green and freakish {or} maybe it was just the fact that they were not shop bought?!

Who knows with kids - I thought they tasted OK.

Honestly I felt like a sugar pusher trying to get my little ones to even pull a face that would please my homemade efforts.

'Go on have a try?' '

'Please, just for mummy'

'OK, but maybe just a lick - for mummy!'

Gawd knows why I was looking for such a positive response. Sugar is normally a 'in very small doses' treat in our house. Honestly we have a whole shelf dedicated to the party bags the kids come home with filled with sweets and the evil use of this substance, when liberal used, is often spouted about. Normally from me and when I'm trying to go cold turkey!

'Just pass mum the bar of chocolate' can be heard on these occasions - 'she's going off on one again!'

Hey ho. I guess you can't always have great home making successes and even though I didn't want my kids to sit and eat the lot rotting their teeth till kingdom come I did feel a little guilty (not for making) but for binning the lot.

A good waste, but a waste non the less.


ps. and on an altogether note - go and check out Diane's blog today. It is just such a beautiful heart warming tale. It had me blubbering! N xxx