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Tunisian Crochet

OK. So about a month or so ago I was poking around in a thrift shop (as you do) and came across some fantastic old craft magazines from the 1970's.

You'll have to ignore any under current of reluctance you may pick up on, but the thing is..............!

I've had this post in my pending pile for ages now and just haven't been able to find the words to muster up any thought process - putting it all together.

And gawd knows why I've chosen today to sit down and sift through my head (and pictures) when I'm not feeling tippity top. But the rest of the household are otherwise occupied and I just thought I should try.

So here it is - I can't promise it will make much sense, but I will give it a go.


As I said - a month or so ago, a thrift shop and some fantastic 1970's craft magazines.

The stack was huge and I could of bought them all, but where would I put them at the end of the day - probably the loft and what would be the point in that, to be buried away in a box and never looked at again.

So I carefully went through them all and deliberately picked only a few. The ones dated 1972 - the year I was born - a jolly good year, indeed.

I didn't look through the magazines at the time, I just wanted a little piece of something from that year. And as I mentioned in my posting yesterday - I have very nostalgic memories of the 1970's.

Of course when I got home and found a few seconds for myself I did actually sit down and flick through my 70's thrift store craft magazines.

In places they are hilarious, dated (of course) and down right 'OMG' did we used to live with that kind of decor in our homes? But on other pages my eyes kept falling to the crafts that are now having a very popular resurgence and ones I have partaken in (for sure) myself.

Have you ever heard of Tunisian Crochet?

Well I haven't / hadn't.

Not even in my grandmother's old craft things could I find a clue to this way of crocheting and it took a little research to acquire the right hook and know how.

For you see Tunisian crochet is a cross between knitting and crochet and you need a special needle to achieve this look. Basically a knitting needle with a hook at the end.

It all looks very straight forward and it is, in fact (once you get the knack) a very easy process to follow with different ways of getting there - in a stitch kind of way - and after a wee while of persevering I am (finally) achieving the look I think I am suppose to.

OK, so the concept makes you feel like you are continuous casting on then off then on again - so on and so forth - but it is a very therapeutic crafting rhythm to follow.

The plan was to start easy - a scarf for little miss T with some left over yarn in double Tunisian crochet - it's getting cold and she could do with a new one and it is coming along.........................but very slowly.

Mix 'umph' and 'lack of' together and that's where I am at the moment.

A scarf, I know - that's easy, but I just can't seem to finish this one off.

I'm not selling this to you at all - am I?

Taking the whole avoidance thing away I am loving the way this is coming together - even if it is a little slow and it's also very easy to put down and walk away from, picking it up as and when you choose.

I'm awful at crafting!

But I hope I have inspired - a little. Even if I don't feel so at the moment.

I did say I would try.

Have a fabulous day.