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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Christmas Postcards

Another reason why I have been absent (minded) recently - oh there are so many reasons - is because a major part of my time has been taken up with getting some of my images into print.

I know it's been mentioned many times before, but I've never been able to find the time and pull everything together - all at once - and boy does it take up a lot of time when you're first starting out.

Plus I have a very specific image in my head of what I would like to offer and it's taken some time to track down and figure out how I can achieve this look, but I think I've got there.....eventually.

I am though - as yet - still trying to get organised and open up my online shop (I think I may need a genius computer wiz kid to help me out with this one) but with Christmas fast approaching and my postcards all waiting patiently to be put into action I just thought I would get on with it and go ahead.

Nothing ventured - nothing gained as they say.

So what I have done is added a tab under my header called 'Shop' - rather imaginatively - and if you click on that you can view the full range I have on offer (at the moment) and maybe even pur-chase?

And to cut a long story short - I wanted to produce postcards.

Old fashioned, traditional Postcards with one of my images on the front and the back specifically designed so you can write your message, fill out the address, put a stamp on and pop it in the post. Hey presto - job done.

I have three of each image on offer at the moment - I thought I would start relatively small and see how it went.

I've tried my best to photograph them in the best light, but waiting for a bright day and on top of the cards being glossy I'm hoping they come across as I visualise them.

All of these images are from previous (December) posts over the past three-ish years I've been blogging. Some are specifically 'Christmas' and others are marking the season.

So if you are interested please click on the link called 'Shop' and take it from there.


Wish me luck - Nina x