Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Sometimes it's hard to stay positive in certain months of the year and I always find November and January really hard going.

The build up to Christmas and then the anti climax in January of a previous month that has been full on and chocka block with family, celebrations, over indulgence, parties, expectations, being over whelmed and so much more.

January is particularly hard for me.

I feel drained and tired, counting down the days until it's light again in the evenings.

Don't get me wrong I do love this dark time of the year with its cosy and snuggling, wrapping up warm, open fires and crisp crunchy walks where you can see your very breath - there is something truly magical about this time of the year.

Saying all that, I still struggle with November and January. They seem to go on.....forever.

So with the onslaught and build up of Christmas fast approaching I've been trying to take it a little slower this week, to just stop and pause and appreciate all that is good (on a daily basis) in this month of November.

I'm hoping to (remember) do the same in January.

So here goes ::

Throwing opening the curtains of a morning and not knowing whether it's going to be a glorious day or if we are going to be shrouded in fog and mist for the whole day.

Still being able to wear my MJ's and drink my morning coffee (on the nice days) outside in the sunshine - no coat, hat or gloves required.

It's so mild.

Seeing daisies still pushing their way up and through the lawn and admiring the droplets of dew that gather and collect on any possible vessel.

Whether it be a fallen leaf or blade of grass.

The contrast of colours - golden leaves and crimson berries that laden and weigh down branches eagerly and rapidly being gobbled up by hungry birds all fattening up for the cold season.

If it ever comes!

Berries are normally my marker for the season (old wives tale) and they are in their abundance this year. So when is it going to get really cold?

Buying cheap red carnations on my supermarket shop and arranging them in vases with dark green holly freshly cut from the garden.

It's that red berry and green foliage look that appeals to me.

Twinkling fairy lights are starting to adorn the darkest of corners in our home, lighting and brightening up our way.

And finally (so far this week) an armful of clementines - still with their leaves on - filled full to the brim in an old vintage glass bowl scenting the front room in a zesty and seasonal way.

And talking of scent - my 'other' favourite at the moment is mandarin, clove and cinnamon oil bought from M&S about a fortnight ago and using it to buff up the hearths in my usual daily way.

November - a month to appreciate for all it has to offer.

Do you suffer in the same way as I do?