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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


OK, so a little stretch of the imagination, but these grapes were grown in our garden by my very own fair hands.

I planted the vine when we first moved in nine-ish years ago in a little patch that we had been tipped off by the previous owners as being a nice little sun catcher. And it is - a nice little sun catcher that is - with grand ideas of wine making

It's a Cabernet sauvignon variety - but up until this year, we had never actually had any grapes off it.

And to be honest this time last year when we were tidying up the garden I had, had enough! The vine had to go.

So I chopped and hacked and slashed it right back until only a knobbly stump was left.

Now I'm not all that green fingered - really - despite the waffle. And I probably took it back at completely the wrong time of year and to the worst possible point on the vine.

Secretly I was hoping it would naturally be no more after the Winter, but I'm not that cold hearted and I couldn't bring myself to completely rip it out and kill it off - hence the knobbly stump that I left behind.

And would you believe it, as nature does - sometimes - it came right on back at me, stronger and more vigorous then ever before.

I didn't have the heart (or the effort) to cut it back again to a knobbly stump because it had survived the wind and the snow and all the other foul elements thrown at us last Winter.

So I left it - once again.

And to our astonishment this Summer it produced grapes - actual round, plump and juicy grapes.

So they were a little sour - not eaters that's for sure. But that didn't stop a hungry little missy giving them a go. Fortunately no upset stomach either.

But wine.......maybe?

The wine was not meant to be as it goes because even though our vine did produced quite a few healthy bunches of grapes they only amounted up to - all in all - about ten or so, not enough for wine.

So I picked just a few - for the pure pleasure of it - and left the rest for the birds to feast on.

A fair deal methinks.

And now I'm in two minds. Do I do as I did last year and completely hack it back, or do I just leave it and see if we get even more bunches next year to make wine?

I'm no expert and I haven't made my mind up just yet, but I'm thinking a good old chop - at the very least - and see what happens. It's entwined in the old apple tree and both could do with a really good cut back.

What will be, will be - I guess.

Bottoms up - chin, chin!


ps - I was completely overwhelmed with all your good luck wishes with my postcard venture and have already sold out of a few lines. Not to fear though - I will have a fresh delivery coming in around the 30th November so I will keep you posted.

Thank you all and huge big hugs for all your on going support.

Nina xxx