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O Tannenbaum

It's finally up - the Christmas tree is finally up!

After much stress with the stand this year that didn't want to behave, a box missing in the loft containing all the fairy lights - I think it has been gobbled up by the attic goblins. Wouldn't that make a great childrens story book? - and a bag of baubles that seem to have completely 'vanished' I am finally breathing a great big sigh of relief........three days later.

Mr B didn't get stuck in the Christmas crowds that long when he went out to purchase the tree at the weekend - might I add - and it is now starting to look a little bit like Christmas around here.

I did let the kids loose on it first - they had great fun decorating it and jigging along singing at the top of their voices to Christmas carols whilst I (mum) got pleasantly sloshed on mulled wine.

I do have to confess to having a little mix around of some of the decorations though once my little brood had all gone off to bed, as they were all at the level of two foot or below and mostly three items hanging off per branch - the eldest Boo had far more interesting things to do with his time this year!

So I had a wee balance out.

And we have all change this year.

We have a Christmas tree decked in twinkling new led lights that looks all beautiful at night when the lights are turned down low, but a little bit flat during the day due to the lack of sparkle and baubles.

I will head out tomorrow and see if I can find a couple to add to the glitz (or lack of) our tree.

O Christmas Tree