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Creative mess?

......or just a mess!

I'm in the latter box, but then again - it is my mess.

I've ignored this little creative sewing space of mine for such a long time. There are literally piles and piles of fabric and sewing stuff......everywhere.

I'd like to say it's an organized mess, but apart from visibly seeing the last thing I was working on (still birthday crowns at the moment) - I can't find a thing.

Especially taking into account this is the room where I spend most of my creative time in, but it is also my Achilles heel in the housework department.

And as for my temper 'phew' - this room does not do much for that either.

And still I ignore it!

The only thing I can seem to find on any one of my given out bursts because I can't remember the last place I put my scissors down or foot 'A' for my sewing machine is missing......again - etc, etc - is the rescue remedy which is nicely (and neatly) tucked away in a little corner of a shelf close to hand to help cool my anger.

I have no sympathy for myself or my creative mess - it is all hand me.

And the poor old piano hasn't seen daylight for at least a year now.

But here's the weird thing. The messier it gets - the less incentive I have in trying to sort through it, clear out and reorganise. You'd think I'd be a bit wiser to this by'd think.

So every time I sit down to do some sewing I either add more stuff to an already almost toppling over pile or make a new pile and most definitely create more mess.

So what would you think if I told you that for the past two weeks we've been having a major clear out. Bags and bags of stuff have already found there way to the charity shops.

Now this isn't me squandering 'nope' this is me being a hoarder and thinking 'I know, that shirt with a rip in it - I can cut that up and make something else' or 'that old duvet - I'm sure I can do something with that'. 'Old curtains, sheets and blankets - I'll just hang on to them, no matter if they have holes in them or are sun bleached'.

Toddler clothes - sentimental, old buggies.......why? Cushions without covers - do I really need any more. And so the story continues - so on and so forth. I just couldn't get my head around passing on and letting go so someone else could enjoy any one of these items, get some use and maybe even pass on themselves when finished with.

I guess it came to the point where I was just so overwhelmed with all my hoarding that I would rather put my blinkers on and ignore the whole over cluttered issue rather then actually do something about it.

But no more because I really can't bare that feeling of ground hog day any more. What is the point if you can't actually get past the tidying away to do some good honest cleaning.

And how can I wax lyrical about lovely homely stuff if I know my home is cluttered which is making my mind cluttered. I really don't want to become the lady with jars of string too short or too small for any sensible use or purpose.

But this blooming room!

Up until this morning I was still skirting around the issue of 'how' I was going to tackle it. Finding other 'boring' things or stuff to do rather then just get stuck in......until this morning.

It's not brilliant, but it is better and I still have a long way to go and 'yes' I still have piles!

But neat little piles all organized and waiting for a mission. Whether it be off to the charity shop for someone else to make good use of, or folded and tucked away all neatly waiting for another day.........another craft. Or off to the rag bag where I'm sure someone would love my long overdue hoarded fabric.

I am getting there and to be honest I'm starting to find a little bit of inner calm knowing that I'm dealing with all this mess.

An uncluttered home makes for an uncluttered mind.

I am, most definitely, in the hoping box.

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