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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


We're home.

The funeral went as well as expected and it was really nice to pick up where we had all left off, bond as a family and make plans for the future.

Thank you so much (again) for all your messages and warming words of thought and wisdom and sorry (again) if I haven't had the chance to pop by and say 'Hi' since before Christmas, but the comfort in knowing that you are all out there routing for us is just the most wonderful - thought provoking - feeling.

And once I'm straight with the things we just left and dropped (including all the Christmas jollity's we've neglected to take down) plus a mountain of washing and all that goes with that, I'll give you an update on the 'other stuff' we ended up doing over the weekend.

Such short notice - as always - but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Nina xxx
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