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Party bags and pom poms are now ticked off the list.

Well one pom pom - I have another five to make.....planning to make as long as time doesn't run away from me which at the moment 'whoosh' is how it's feeling.....whooooosh.

I've had a really lovely relaxed 'making' day. To be honest Tuesdays are normally my day off from everyone - just me pottering around in my own little world, left to my own devices.

Sounds lovely doesn't it?

But what normally happens on a Tuesday is this ::

I crank up the music - really really loud - and crack on with 'most' of the weekly housework - in one fell swoop. Just trying to declutter as best as I can, but knowing in the back of my mind that it will all slowly fall into disarray as the week draws on.

Anyhoo - not today, not this Tuesday - I had only one thing on my mind (well two actually) making stuff and more importantly making stuff for the up and coming event of the year.

The glitter girl party which I'm hosting (being mum) at the end of this week for our girlie girl.

So out came the paints along with the polymer clay, tissue paper, washi tape, cutters, roller and bakers twine.

Today our dining room table looked more like a scene out of Play School rather then one of domestic bliss, but honestly - I loved it.

Pom poms (one) tick

Pink party bags all made up with name tags crafted and attached - tick

Just another five pom poms to go as mentioned above, presents to wrap, house to tidy (as I didn't do that today 'ooooppps) 'oh' and the baking to uuuummmmmm - bake.

But that's fine, the fun part for me really. As long as I remember not to overstretch myself and then (hopefully) I won't get too stressed out......I hope.

All is good so far though....................

I'm trying not to jinx myself.

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