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The Old Granary

So where was I? Oh yes - the Derby Dales.

There are so many parts of this beautiful country I call my home that I would love to live in, but if I had a top five then the Derbyshire Dales would feature in there some where - for that I am sure.

I found it so relaxing, refreshing, outstanding in its land and countryside, the people ever so friendly and the architecture beautifully created in a solid and strong, well built and functional, but warm and welcoming way - I could walk for hours just taking it all in.

And this is where we stayed.

The Old Granary - just outside Matlock.

It is beautifully situated in a rural location with uninterrupted views that span over 40 miles.

At night not only could we see the stars twinkling, but the lights of towns in the distance too.

The owners (Amanda Brown and hubby) are really lovely and very welcoming - we couldn't of wished for more in a weekend stay to clear our heads and take a break from it all. It was perfect.

Eggs fresh from the hens a bottle of wine and my favourite chocolates were all waiting for our arrival on that evening.

An old barn in the grounds of their property - which is gorgeous from the little peek I had. I'll explain that in a mo.

Recently resorted with a mix that gives you the feel of a country farmhouse, but with cleverly hidden modern touches like underfloor heating and a system that allows you to choose any room within the barn you would like to listen to music from the in the shower if you wish.

I suggested it would help drone out the sound of someones attempt at singing! Though please don't ask me to expand on that comment.

But I think with all it had to offer - not including those views -the kitchen was my most favourite room.

Warm, cosy and inviting and we put on a jolly good old spread our first evening in. Things I had tucked away, homemade cakes and sauage rolls plus lots of leftovers from Christmas - it was like a feast of the most splendid kind. All sat around the kitchen table chit chatting about the day and other things.

And with the blankets I had packed - homemade patchwork and crochet - at the end of the evening we all wearily plodded up to ours beds, without a sound to be heard close-by or in the distance. Complete stillness in a peaceful kind of way.

So back to my earlier talk of beautifully people with gorgeous homes.

Well you may of come across Amanda and her fabulous home before because the old granary and their simply stunning property has been featured in all the beautiful country publication that I'm sure (along with me) you love and may read and all of these are on offer in the barn to sit back with a cuppa and flick through.

From memory the latest publication was in Country Living - September 2009.

I keep all my old copies, but for the life of me I can't seem to find that issue, so please don't take my memory as the absolute word.

And if you remember my picture from yesterday then you would of seen that gorgeous gingertom.

Let me introduce you properly to Carrot.

He has a brother called Jasper (get it?) but he was a little shy. After an initial inspection of the new comers Jasper was quite happy to wander off and leave us to it.

Carrot on the other hand was the perfect host.

A great big softy that we all fell in love with and wished we could take home. The children were smitten.

Which apparently Mr T found out is something he has tried to do before. Found sat in holiday makers cars waiting to go home with them.

He didn't try it on with us though. Not only did we not have the room with five of us in the car, but we were up and on our way very early. Way to early for a cat with any sense.

No. I suspect Carrot may of lifted his head from beside the AGA when he heard the sound of our engine starting then drifted back off to sleep, chasing dreams with images of saucers of milk and wide open space to investigate.

We were but a distant memory in his early morning slumber.

And that was our Derby Dales adventure.

Would we go back again - in a shot. And I can only wish that we do.

But now for the New Year, fresh beginnings, getting on with the things that are right in front of our noses and making sure this year is full of grabbed opportunities. I think our little last minute jaunt has set us up perfectly for seeing in the new and given us fresh perspective, hopes and dreams.

Have a lovely day.


:: edited :: sorry if it seems I'm keeping myself to myself, but is anyone else having problems postings comments? I'm trying, but I can't see the comments box to write a message anywhere on some blogs. A New Year glitch......maybe?