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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


A wee while ago - well back at the begining'ish' of this month 'February' to clarify - after making those polymer heart gift bag tags.

'Gosh' that seems like such an age ago now - she says............... drifting off to the back of my memory.

Anyhoo - I found myself wondering 'what else' could I make with polymer clay?

I had a couple of blocks left over in various colours from my initial shopping spree in a craft shop where I'd found myself 'ummmmmming' and 'ahhhhhhhing ' over colour schemes and themes for the party.

All those pretty colours all trying to jump out at me at once and into my basket - what is a girl to do?

Buy a few - that's the answer and then spend the rest of her time pondering 'now what am I to do?'

So many 'what am I's' - it's enough to make your head hurt.

Decisions............... decisions!

Anyway - back on track.

So after a little Google search and a fair few hours later 'why do I get myself into these crafty messes?' I stumbled across - and kept coming back to - these adorable polymer moulds.

It was the button moulds that initially caught my eye as I thought 'what a jolly good idea and so practical too - I can make stuff with that'

But of course one thing led to another - as they do - and one mould turned into four moulds later (I've stashed one away for another day) with my virtual shopping completed.

And there I was hitting the confirm button and finishing my transaction.

Now we wait.

But a week later, all the way from across the pond - honestly the shipping was that fast - I received my moulds.

Although it wasn't until today I actually found a bit of spare - all to myself - time to have a play.

OK - so I was a little impatient and some of my attempts are a little rough around the edges, but it was my first try and my two colours may of got (a bit) mixed together............... a little.

Just the blue really as I started off moulding the red first - but...............

I have to say they are more then super brilliant they are absolutely fabulous.

So easy to use and such great fun - I may have to accidentally (cough, cough) slip some more oven bake/polymer clay into my shopping basket next time I visit the craft store and then 'have to' - arm twisted behind my back - take a little lookie at other moulds I could (possibly) buy.

All in the name of craft - of course.

I've got my eye on some square deco button moulds and maybe the hearts too...............maybe.

Think of the possibilities.

Happy crafting.

nb. I bought all my moulds from 'MoldMuse'