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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


So with all the snow we've had - still have - I kind of got distracted and forget to let you know how the glitter girl party went.

In the words of modern day was epic!

All the girls had a fab time and not a single tear or tantrum was shed.

To be honest it's always my biggest fear when hosting a party for little ones, especially if it's the birthday girl who is stamping her foot and becoming too overwhelmed with the excitement of it all.

But I have to say, blowing my own trumpet and all - visualise a trump, trump, trumpety, trump sound if you can - it was 'the most' calmest children's party I have ever witnessed.

Just a small group of girls - all really good friends.

I had organised to have their nails (professionally) painted by my ever so clever and lovely good friend who is trained in these things plus we glitterised them with a modest sprinkling of fairy dust to top it all off.

They were enchanted by it all.

{the morning after nails!}

And they literally shimmered the evening away jumping up and down to Katy Perry and dining on pink lemonade, homemade cream cheese and salmon wraps, crudities and dips, honey glazed sausages, rice crispy cakes and Tunnocks tea cakes plus some other stuff.....of course.

And as for the other bits I had organised 'wow' - again - if I do say so myself.

I hung all the pom poms (all six) in the dining room which literally looked like pods suspended in the air.

All the adults had to duck out of their way, but everyone said how fantastic they looked and demanded instructions on how to assemble soooooooo I'm planning to pull a tutorial together in the next coming week if you are interested. They are ever so easy peasy and totally effective.

The crowns were 'ooohhhhhhed' admired and 'aaahhhhhed' over and the party bags went down a storm.

I had filled them with girlie things like retro rubbers (I used to love collecting different kinds and styles of rubbers or erasers when I was a little girl) and heart shaped pencil sharpeners, fairy tattoos, Chinese fans and love heart sweets.

And the polymer clay hearts I made earlier in the week with each girls first initial stamped on and tied with red and white bakers twine around their party bags were then transformed into necklaces.

I can organised a tutorial for these too as they are also really easy to make.

An awesome time was had by all.

A triumphing success.

I'm not too sure if those two words should be put together, but it sounds good so I shall leave it.

And as for the snow welllllll - it's so blooming cold down here not much of it has melted.

It's still pretty white out there as well and when I say pretty I also mean picturesque but............!

It has also all iced over and is extremely lethal on both the pavements and roads which is making the getting about verrrrrry interesting.

I hope you have a lovely day and are not too cheesed off with all this cold and the weather.

Me - I love it because it's a bit different from the norm. It beats grey and gloom hands down for me any day.

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