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Tissue paper pom pom :: tutorial

Two tutorials in one week - phew!

I hope I'm keeping you nice and busy?

So tissue paper pom poms.

Do you know these are really easy to make, but the effectiveness is 'wow' and I hope by the end of all this you will not only have mastered the art, but will be making your own - and many more - to your hearts content.

Right - I'll dispense with all the blibber blabber and get straight to the matter at hand.

:: What you will need is this ::

10 x sheets of tissue paper - 76 cm x 50 cm
Twine/string or ribbon - your choice

The size of tissue paper you will need is standard and is sold in those dimensions (76x50cm) in a packet whether it be one sheet or fifty.

I picked some up cheaply on sale at our local craft store. I think it cost £1.60 for the ten sheets all in all - roughly.

So.............take your tissue paper and layer it up one on top of the other, nice and neatly.

Next you will need to fold the tissue paper - like a concertina - so think of a paper fan.

Now this next part is crucial - I did (by mistake) fold from the wrong end on my first making and wondered why my flower pom pom was all floppy!

So make sure the shorter end - it must be the shorter end - of the layered tissue paper is facing towards you and measure an inch and a half in from that edge - fold over.

Turn the layered tissue paper over and fold again.

Turn and fold, turn and fold. Keep going until you reach the end. There should be no overlap.

Can you see - a fan?

Fold your folded - concertina - fan in half to get the center point and then tie your twine/string or ribbon around the middle.

The length is your choice. Just make sure you leave a long enough end to hang your pom pom up with.

Now take your scissors and style the ends (both ends) of your fan.

You can choose either a point or curve or something completely different - the option is yours.

I opted for a curve this time, but on the party pom poms they were points.

OK. Now you want to slowly pull the tissue paper apart.

So start with one end and pull apart to reveal your fan.

Now you want to unfurl the tissue paper by gently teasing (opposite sides) of the paper away from the concertina fan.

Go easy when you pull the paper apart as it can rip quite easily.

I think the odd tear is OK and won't notice at all really, but too many and your pom pom may lack oomph.

- This always reminds me of the feathers on a turkeys bottom -

When you have done one end of the pom pom spin it around and do the other.

You should be able to see your creative makings coming together by now.

And that's it really.

Once all the layers of tissue paper have been opened up you can fluff up your pom pom a bit to get the desired effect you are after and HEY PRESTO - all done.

Verrrrrry easy - honestly how easy was that - and totally effective.

Plus when you come to dismantle - if you want to - just untie the string in the middle and gently smooth the paper out. All ready for another day or another use.

Again I hope that all made sense and I haven't given you too much of a mind melt this week.

Ta ta for now.

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