Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Making me *Smile*

A wonderful package received from Rebecca at Poshyarns containing one of my favourite colourways {red, teal, mustard and grey} - how did she know - and one of her gorgeous handmade key fobs which I had won a while back.

I have to confess I'm no stranger to Rebecca's work as I have (in the past) bought a sneaky little something for a certain little ladies birthday last November - can you spy Mabel mouse? - whom is absolutely adored and snuggled up with every night - not to mention the various role play activities (bless her) that she gets (tut, tut) dragged into.

What I'm trying to say - and probably very badly - is that I love Rebecca's flare and style, her creativity with cloth, threads, camera and words so when I heard I was to be one of the lucky recipients to receive one of her very beautiful hand crafted fobs I think *squeal* could only well describe my glee.

*Smile* it's Friday - that makes it practically the weekend in my books.

Here's wishing a most wonderful one.

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'Oh' and just one more thing.

If you were around last night on Twitter you may of heard that I had decided and have now deleted - with much regret - my Pinterest account.  

I'm really sorry if you followed me, but after some very long and hard soul searching I came to the conclusion that 'yes' even though it was nice to have all these wonderful images pinned all in one place to inspire me, those images were not mine.  

Also knowing first hand how it feels to be copied I just couldn't bare the thought of being part of (what seems) a site that could - at some point - spiral out of control. 

Saying that though I do know some of my images are on Pinterest and this is because I have been asked by friends and people that I trust and have given my permission - that still stands.  Please do ask first though.

So until things are rectified by Pinterest and more guidelines are set out and artist have ultimate protection I will be stepping away...for now.