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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Being random

Hello - how was your weekend?  Ours consisted of ::

Making a gluten free chocolate mousse cake - butter, sugar, eggs (a fair few with lots of whipping) chocolate and cocoa - and that's it.  Add a dollop of mascarpone or vanilla ice cream (for the littlies) = totally delicious.

Finding a heart shaped pebble whilst digging at the allotment and witnessing a thunder cloud - with claps of thunder and lighting and all - come rolling over the tops of our heads, heading out to sea.  Yep we did get wet......a little, but it didn't put us off our weeding.

Painted a knackered (yes it really is) old chair that the smallest loves *completely* a beautiful sunshine yellow only to worry about it clashing with the 'yellow' curtains in the dining room - then running out of paint - so it's only half done.

I think the paint will cost more then the chair ever did at the end of the day - if I ever find the discipline to finish it off.

Lots of giggles from the smallest one when she discovered a new weed (for her) called *sticky willy* and then promptly running around the allotment chanting it at the top of her voice - much to every ones amusement......though not mine.  My child - really?  Surely not!

Measurements for putting in place an asparagus bed 'yeah' we have asparagus at the allotment.  A tip off earlier in the year from another allotment holder and much impatience (on my behalf) leaving a patch untouched that may or may not yield has finally come through. Phew!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too - happy Monday and a warm welcome to all that are new.

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ps. on a totally different, but keeping on the theme of 'random' note - I was thinking of doing a giveaway.
I've nearly reached 300 followers which is completely *wow* for me as I'm the biggest doubter when it comes to my blog and all that goes with it so I was kind of thinking if (or when) I did reach the big 300 then I'd love to show my appreciation in some way.
What do you think - too stand up and 'look at me?' which I hate or something that would sound lovely?  I'm still not sure to be honest as I can feel myself blushing as I pose the question.
Anyhoo - have a great day.

Nina xxx

Edited ::  silly me for not leaving details or a link on the cake I made - here it is.