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Ducks and damage control

......but not related - by a long shot!

First of all can I just say a huge great big warm heartfelt (phew - I do like to string words my together a bit) thank you for all your wonderful comments, visits and follows since my last post.  If I could give you all a massive bear hug 'by jove' I jolly well would don't you know.

I totally loved reading all your comments, thoughts and opinions on how you see things. I have to say I'm quite humbled by all the positive feedback.

I guess I kind of had this figure in my head, a goal you could say - it's always good to set personal goals ......right? - but at the end of the day it is just an 'amount' which even though it has some relativity on how I'm achieving, it's not the whole picture really, as the lovely Annie pointed out.

So what I've decided to do is this ::: sod the numbers!

It's you guys that keep coming back, supporting, reading, commenting, following, linking, - deep breath - I'm going to do a giveaway anyway - not today - because it's you guys that really matter.

Just give me a couple of days to think about 'how' to do it or should I say 'what' the giveaway will be.

Right - back to ducks and damage control.  

Honestly they are not related in anyway - before you meat eaters start licking your lips and dreaming of pancakes and plum sauce!

By ducks I mean - we certainly are having the weather for it.  White elephant in the room mentioned - move along Nina!

With hand on heart by yesterday morning we had filled an entire water butt - to the tippity top - from Sunday just gone (when the man of the house installed it) to yesterday morning when I checked it. That's roughly forty eight hours and our butt (snigger) is full!

And with the rain today we (on the South East coast) have the gales to contend with as well.  Oh joy of joys!

Which leads me onto 'damage control!'

'Blimey' the allotment has had a bit of a battering recently over these past couple of weeks.

I've been down every couple of days to check that all is OK, but I have to say my heart sank last Friday when I found the beautiful old rose we had inherited snapped - clean off - from the base and several other branches damaged, hanging dangerously in the way.  So I had no choice but to take them off.

There is a bit of it left, but I'm not giving it the 'all clear' just yet.

The other thing is our blasted fruit cages.  I hold my hand up high and say 'honestly' these were completely my fault when purchasing.

I thought they would be a good idea - bamboo, natural, the man not having to build anything too taxing......and all that  jazz - but they have been nothing but a pain in the backside.  A slight gush of wind and I'm left chasing around the plot picking up pieces and trying to slot them back together again.

I've wired them for now - fingers crossed - but I think in the long run the mister is just going to have to get those power tools out and build a proper cage.  Think I may go away for the weekend when that happens.

On the upside though - the apple tree is blossoming and lookie -


I thought I'd show you a picture - just so you don't think I'm boasting and all.

This is (from what we can make out) a well established bed, though excuse all the weeds - told you I'd left it untouched - and if I'm right, asparagus can take (up to) a couple of years to get going.  So if you're thinking of doing the warned.

Right - I think that's me all talked out today.  Can you tell I've been cooped up for *ages!*

Here's me logging off and battening down the hatches.

I hope you have a lovely (dry) duck free day.

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