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Five return to Piddle


Do you remember last Summer I told you how we travelled all the way to middle England (that's quite far for us down here at the ends of the country) for a deliciously relaxing holiday - plus to escape the daily 'humdrum' - to a place called Piddle (North that is) where a beautiful white cottage sits in (quite a few) acres of land owned by the loveliest of friends and their two gorgeous girls.

Is that a maybe?  Well click here for more details......if you're curious.

Well we returned last week for the back end of Easter to re meet with this beautiful space, gorgeous home and loveliest of new friends who just so happen to own this amazing retreat and to re connect with those fond memories of last making some new ones of course.

{this if the pub at The British camp not the cottage}

We did river walks and strolls across fields, walked in icy cold conditions very briskly up one side of The British Camp and then ran all the way back down again only stopping occasionally to catch our breath that could be seen puffing out like an aptly named dragon!

Ambled along river ways and watched the barges bobbing up and down, fed the ducks and gazed in amazement at the geese as they came gliding down out of nowhere.

Mulled around castles and manor houses and 'ooohhhed' and 'aaahhhhed' along blossom trails.

Played parlour games, eat loads of good grub, went pony riding, met with good friends, dawdled along country lanes, swung from trees, went on Easter egg hunts, made friends with the local wildlife and generally had a jolly splendid time - even when the weather felt like it was going to wash us away......but that was only one day so we snuggled in front of the wood burning stove sipping hot tea, nibbling on local cheese, fresh bread and olives.

To be honest with two weeks of non stop adventures - this Easter break has surely been a blast - I am completely frazzled.  From the tips of my toes to the ends of my curly (frizzy) hair!

And I've so much to share - I haven't even touched the tip of all we've been up to or done.

Though I'm sure the odd post will pop up over the next week or so when I discover another picture taken and *gasp* that I've forgotten.

And on that note *big yaaawwwn* 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break too?

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ps. all posts last week were via the magic of 'Schedule' - so many apologies if things on the return front seemed a little quiet.