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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


and......{Giveaway winners}

Hello and Happy Bank holiday Monday in the UK.  Is that the sun I spy peeking out from the rain clouds?

Surely not.  I must be dreaming as it is a public holiday in the UK and it nearly always rains and that's something you can guarantee on, for sure, in the UK!
I'm saying this very quietly and in hushed tones though as I don't want to jinx the day.

Anyhoo.  Not many goodies where picked up at the boot yesterday.  I think the drizzle and cold put many stall holders off.  
I can't blame them really if I'm honest - it was pretty miserable down here yesterday morning.
People were saying 'sod it!' and packing up just as we were leaving ourselves - at nine in the morning. 
But what I did find was a tin full'ish' of wooden pegs - you can never have too many in my opinion - a 1963 game of 'SORRY' and an old (I think) teapot - if feels and looks fairly old to me - with a beehive (lined metal) help keep your tea warm.
So all in all not a totally wasted trip out in the rain.  
OK - so the moment you've been waiting for.  I know, I know 'shut up with the waffling Nina' and just tell us.
So I did that random number generator thing, but I couldn't get it to copy and paste in to this posting so I'll just have to let you know names.
Drum roll please......!  That reminds me of the beginning of a song.

First out of the hat was LissyLou who wins all the vintage little goodies and a set of my postcards.  
Hello Lissy - you're new to me, but a great big welcome nonetheless.
And second to win is Nikki (homebird) who wins the chocolate and a set of my postcards.
Well done ladies and 'congratulations' - I hope you like your goodies and if you could email me your address ( then I will get them packaged up to you and popped in the post this week.
And a huge great big thank you to all that participated - 58 comments 'wow' that is the most I've ever had 'ever!'
I wish I could give you all a little something, but I don't think the pennies in my purse would stretch that far, but thank you again and 'hello' new followers - thanks ever so for finding me and clicking the follow button, I do hope you will continue to do so.
But just as a heads up......if you would like some postcards I do have a few left in the shop. 
Well on that note I best go - I'm still sat in my's mid morning I know 'disgraceful!'  But before I do look at this little fellow :::

I caught him perched on the very tippy top of a post at the allotment yesterday afternoon - when the sun did decide to make an appearance 'tut, tut' surveying our plot.
You can imagine I told him to 'clear off' in not a very nice tone and to go find a plot of his own......sodding snails! 
Well have a beautiful day and if you're celebrating the bank holiday - I hope you have a jolly one.
Nina xxx
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