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Oh my goodness

Who'd of thought, one persons celebration could turn into a whirlwind of events - and that's just the lead up.

Did somebody mention 'Jubilee?'

I didn't mean to step away from the blog for such a long time - I know I've been a little lapse this week, but it's been crazy, crazy here with lots of preparations, organising and then the attending......and it's not even the actual day.

'Phew' I feel worn out tonight.

And 'oh my word' I forgot to mention it's June!......already.

I seem to remember - when I was a kid - everybody took a day off, celebrated together and that was that - job done.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - honestly - we've had a fab time this week dressing up......well me helping the girls to dress up and not wanting to miss out on all the fun I've tried to coordinate with them too......where I can - get into the spirit of it and all that.

We've been awash with red, white and blue, it has featured on cakes and clothes, nails to hair and even glitter and tattoos!

And it isn't even the big day 'whoo hoo' - we get to do it all over again on Sunday.

Anyway - I am still here and I've tried to capture the going on's as much as I can this week.

Have a lovely Jubilee, what ever you get up to......celebrations, party or even if you're popping along to take part in person yourself 'ooohhhhh' and have a lovely June break too - even if it's only the four days (part time or all of it)......four days 'fandabidozi!' - That's my childhood equivalent to TFI Friday.

Have fun!

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Hello to Sopa Azul and Down by the Sea - a warm, warm welcome.
Nina xxx