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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Rush, rush, rush.....


{basking seagulls...I did say basking!}

It all feels a bit rushed here for me this week.  I've got so much on, so many prior arrangements......and engagements - are they one of the same?

Meetings, appointments, visits, orders to post out, be here, be poor old feet don't know whether to point front ways or up ways.  Gawd I wish I could go and have a lie down right now!

Plus I'm one of those really annoying people that stores 'everything' in my head.  I know I really must get myself a diary, but every time I see a parent trying to arrange anything by consulting a diary first, something inside me just groans......and not with pleasure either - just for the record.

Anyway, enough of all that.  I'll just love you and leave you with some images I've taken this week when I've popped down to the shops after forgetting the 'umpteenth' thing this week.

This morning it was washing up liquid......I forgot it Tuesday and Wednesday as well so you can pretty much image the scene in my kitchen sink at the moment.  It was only out of needs must this morning when we all went on the hunt for a clean breakfast bowl and spoon (not to share by the way) that, that little seed of a thought gave me a jolly good kick up the old backside and made me go out (to the shops again) and buy some!  But with a view like this greeting you at the bottom of the hill, who could complain.

Sorry they are not 'the best' of pictures I've ever taken, but you know when you've only got your phone to hand and Instagram can be soooooo hit and miss sometimes......especially when you have the sun in your eye.

Note that cheeky little hint of 'thank gawd for the heavens' Oh yes - we have sunshine.

Well I best go - toodle pip and all that.  I hope all is well in the world with you and so sorry if I haven't done much responding and replying recently - I will try harder......soon.

As always - thanks ever so.  

Nina xxx

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ps. I've a few new faces I'd like to say hello to so please say 'hello' to ::: Bristol Parenting Cafe, Lottie at Oyster and Pearl and Emma at The Blooming Times.

Hello lovely ones and a warm, warm welcome - do go take a peek for yourself as they are all absolutely lovely

ps.  thank you for all your postcard enquiries - I shall let you know when I've updated the shop......and set a proper one up, making it far easier for you to order.  N xxx