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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

A snatched moment

Mornin' all - sorry for my blog tardiness......not good form I know.

I can't believe it's Tuesday already - where did that weekend go?  I hope you had a good one.

Anyway!   As wished for - I seem to be doing a mighty lot of wishing at the moment which I fear I may pay for later (what goes around comes around and all that malarkey)  or I may just be reaping the benefits of being such a good girl......hhhmmmmmm - maybe.

Anyhoo - we did managed to get down to the beach over the weekend, all wrapped up and anticipating to be blown about, but oddly enough it was really rather calm - despite the rolling waves and heavy laden clouds that kept sweeping by.  But they did just that - swept by - move along sweetie, there's a dear.

It was warm on the sand and ocean delivered a nice little breeze - I think we may of had our own little micro climate going on, because further along the beach you could spy waves smashing against the sea wall and surfers stand, wobble and then tumble into the water.

But the beach - oh the beach - was just perfect and we had it all to ourselves *bonus!*

It was so lovely I really didn't want to move. So relaxed that we were - I even reclined for a wee while and gazed up at the clouds listening to the coast do her thing whilst the more active members (everyone but me) had a mini game of football......until silly tackles were made and tears dolloped down rosy sun blushed cheeks.

That was our cue to pack up and move on, but at almost five pm on a Sunday evening when we really should of been thinking about roast dinners, bath and bed we had probably outstayed our welcome.  From a routine point of view.  

Hey ho and roll on the Summer holidays - when all the tourists and sun worshippers have sensibly long departed and we can enjoy a whole load more of snatched moments like these.

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Hello *big wave* to a few new followers - Rach Jackson (yellow Salt Waters......yay) The Homesteading Cottage, Encourage one another, Julia Ross and Mrs Cheese - hello lovelies.

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Also if I've left a link off it's because I can't find one so please do pop by and say 'Hi' if you'd like to be found.

Have a super day......Nina xxx

ps. the beach hut is still standing with spiders and all, but it is looking very bare and a tad neglected - just a shed on the seafront like all the others really - with none of the lovely bits and bobs I normally fill it with.  I blame the weather or should I say lack of so no gorgeous pictures to share with  you......not today, sorry.