Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


I'm not sure if picking apples from your own garden and neighbouring allotments (with invitation) could be classified as scrumping {to steal fruit from an orchard or garden} but I really do love the saying.

It reminds me of being a child walking home from school balancing precariously on some dodgy item near to hand to give me extra height and leverage or scrambling on the tops of walls or even over them -  if I was feeling brave - with the hem of my skirt in hand filling up the void with naughty foraged apples.
My walk home from school had two routes - you could either skirt around the woods, but that meant walking along the main road (in a couple of directions)......boring!  Or cut right through the middle and glimpsing into the backs of people's gardens......with their ladened down fruit trees.  Guess which way I went.  I wasn't always a goodie two-shoes!

Then heading home clutching my skirt full of apples with cut knees and knickers on show without a care in the world.  Though most of the time I just ate them before I'd reach home, the temptation too great.

These days I'm a little more mature and prefer to be a bit more sensible when it comes to my apple picking.  Though my mum did confess to me years ago that when she was little those great big knickers you can buy, well when she was a kid they used to call them apple catchers because well, they were just the right size for catching apples! Those were the days......happy memories.

To be honest the naughty school girl in me still does call them just that 'apple catchers' and I always end up giggling stupidly......if I spy a pair that is.

We managed to pick a fair few this year - all above board......honest - so I wrapped them individually in newspaper and filled a bushel box.  

The ones with string tied around are the eaters - just so I can identify them a little easier when the time comes - most probably in the depths of Winter when all we crave and dream about is fresh apple pie.

My little taste of Autumn persevered for another day.