Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


In these last few days of October when we're getting ready to wish it goodbye for another year and open up our arms with warm welcomes to November, it is with a little sadness - for me - I feel.

I know November brings with her the ever lasting smell of wood fire on the air - as much indoors as out - and smoke can be seen gently curling away from the chimney tops with little puffs and wisps on the cold air.

Or the blaze of a really beautiful bonfire that you huddle around with family,  friends and strangers alike standing shoulder to shoulder mesmerised by the glow.  Fingers buried deep in mittens and toes clad in warm comfy woollens clasping soup, baked potatoes or maybe even a hot dog in hand to help keep the chills at bay and those mitts nice and warm.  Though if like me you'll have your pockets filled with fresh from the fire roasted chestnuts, letting the warmth curl around you from within.

The pop and whizz of fireworks - though not welcomed by all - children 'oohhhing and aahhhing' marking a very special season in our earthly cycle, the past the present, what has passed and how we remember...remember the fifth of November.

Feet stamped trying to keep toes warm and the air we breath turning into dragons breath with every puff exhaled.  And wrapping up warm in as many layers that will fit looking like an unnatural oversized Sumo wrestler or (do you remember) the Michelin Man!

Already the leaves are falling one by one scattering and littering the ground, but it is a slow process and the hibernation process doesn't quite feel like it is already here....not yet, not right now.

October for me is not only when the season turns it's also when nature turns as well.  Come November the trees are pretty bare with maybe just that lone crimson leaf holding on, facing up against the elements - taking it on - until it can cling on no more.

The air becomes silent and all that can hide bury away to keep warm, maybe even to sleep it out. Only the birds can still be seen darting about trying to find food to fill their bellies...until the troublesome task begins all over again, the very next day.

I love November - I truly do, but I will miss October and the golden halo she wraps around all. Life still holding on, but change is definitely in the air.

Sleep tight for another year my dear, until you can take your turn to delight me once more.