Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


Do you believe in the butterfly effect?

I really don't know enough to question these theories, but I am a dreamer - as you may of gathered - and my beliefs are set firm in fate and destiny.  Reaching that crossroad with the choices and decision that lay out in front of you.  A wrong turn or misjudgement and you could end up taking two steps backwards, spending the whole of your life never reaching that goal...always just out of arms reach. 

There are people I look at and think 'why are you so lucky?'  Never really having to try hard for themselves, things just come to them - always landing on their feet.  Hanging on to coat tails, modifying others ideas for lack of not having an original one of their own.  Achieving success from just jumping on that gravy train I guess. I want to stamp my foot and scream 'it's not fair!'

And then life can just be so downright cruel at times - some never having the chance to live life to the full.

I've come to the conclusion I have to work hard for all the things I desire, and I mean work really, really hard, but even some will always be out of my reach.  That lottery win will never be mine.

Are you the buttered slice of bread always falls face down or a glass is half full kind of person?

I can't decide which way I fall, but I do wonder if our life is already mapped out for us - no matter what choices we make.

There must be some theory to all of these questions.  Thought about, say analysed by so many for such a long time.

I guess be happy and kind and thoughtful to others.  Manners cost nothing and live each day as it's your last. Find that original idea or just don't copy, treasure the ones that you love and appreciate what you have.  See the beauty in everything.

A bit too heavy for the end of the week?.......sorry.

I just found this picture I took back in the Summer and a whole host of 'what ifs' popped into my head.  Those delicate wings fluttering oh so quickly - what knock on effect could they be having.

Do you believe in the butterfly effect?

No grand plans for us this weekend - no big hills to climb.  Here's wishing you have a most perfect weekend.

edited :: all is good here...thank you so much for asking.  I guess when I get a notion into my head I ponder away until I need to put my thoughts down.

And so many wise words.  So many of you have touched on some part of what I was thinking, though not being a wordy kind of person you put it far better then I ever could.

Thank you so much again and all is fine, I am fine - honest - I guess I just think things way too much.

Have a smashing weekend.