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Book launch

Did I ever mention my wonderful talented husband was also a 'Mr Writer?'

Well after eighteen months of hard work, focus and complete dedication he finally launched 'The Fix' on Wednesday 1st November - also Tabitha's birthday....a very monumental day.

Wednesday was definitely a day of celebrations and phews - who'd of thought a book launch could take so much out of you.

Anyway I shan't spoil the plot by going on - I hate giving anything away when it comes to story lines...I'm a 'no spoilers' kind of gal! But what I will say is this - it's dark humour (with strong adult content) and brilliantly written with twists and turns along the way.  

You can purchase it here on Kindle - it's the way to go these days apparently -  but you can also read it on an iPad or PC as well.

'The Fix' - by Keith Nixon

Murder. Theft. Sociopaths. And Margate. Just another day in banking...

It’s pre-crash 2007 and investment banker Josh Dedman’s life is unravelling fast. He’s been fired after £20 million goes missing from the bank. His long-time girlfriend has cheated on him, then dumped him. His only friends are a Russian tramp who claims to be ex-KGB and a really irritating bloke he’s just met on the train. His waking hours are a nightmare and his dreams are haunted by a mystery blonde. And to cap it all, he lives in Margate…

He thinks things can’t get any worse, until his sociopathic boss — Hershey Valentine — is murdered and he finds himself the number 1 suspect.

As the net closes in Josh discovers that no one is quite what they seem, and that sometimes help comes from the most unlikely sources…


...oh and if you liked the synopsis and would like to click on the 'like' button on the Amazon page you would be doing him a huge favour and it will also give him an idea of how things are going.

Thanks ever so lovelies and have a super weekend.

Nina xxx