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Rich, smooth and velvety

Or course I'm taking about hot chocolate.

I have to admit the first of the season as well, but oh so worth the wait.

I kind of got addicted to hot chocolate at one point when the weather turned icy cold and the snow fell back at the beginning of the year - I suppose if there is any addiction to have then hot chocolate isn't all that worry some...though my expanding waist would tell a different story.

I got to the point where pure and simply hot chocolate was not enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and started concocting all sorts of ways to tart it up.  Marshmallows, laced with added warmth (nod, nod, wink, wink) chocolate buttons, whipped cream, chocolate shavings......all garnished inside or on the top of my mug.

But with hand on heart I have not touched a drop since the weather turned warm.....until this weekend just gone that is when only a hot chocolate would do.

It feels like I've been waiting a very long time to try this recipe but 'oh my word' it was so worth the wait of 'epic' proportions.

I held off on the cornflour as I had read others say it makes the thickest hot chocolate imaginable - more of a sauce really which I will be trying (naturally) next time the waffles are on.

I did have to jazz it up a little though - bring a bit of creaminess to the recipe so to speak.  

I added a good quality vanilla ice cream float dolloped right on top which not only cools the hot chocolate down enough to sip straight away (my little ones always complain hot chocolate is far too hot for them to drink immediately - as they wished for) but if you drink it rather smartish the ice cream can't melt fast enough so that the last gulp you get is a mixture of hot and cold all rolled into one mouthful.  


Have a super weekend - I hope the gale forces hold off.  And if you get the urge to make some hot chocolate of your own, make sure you get all the ingredients to hand before you give this one a go. 

You will not be disappointed.