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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'


...and continuing the tale - where I left off yesterday.

So you know I said there was more to the story of my great grandparents?

Well the other reason we went in search of the past on that damp, cold autumnal morning was to find a little piece of history woven (literally) into the land by my great grandfather.

Head to the back of the church {in the woods} and towards the little shelter right at the end.  Push open the very heavy gate, stepping through into woods - not forgetting to close it behind you.

Follow the path that over time has been marked out by many a walker, going straight in a line - do not detour off the path...not even if you are tempted to hang a right or a left onto the fairer tracks. 

Continue on this route for roughly five minutes {or so} and if you haven't gone wrong you will come to the very top of a ridge looking down into a valley.  And this is where the magic begins.

Because nestled into that steep path leading down from the very top to the very bottom is a set of eighty'ish' well worn steps that show the passing of time on their trodden down surface.

My great grandfather built that path, laid those steps, making that passage just that little bit easier for the local folks.

I've heard many a story of my great grandfather - and a lot that I didn't like - but just standing there at the very top and looking down at those beautiful steps I felt a little connection click inside me.  It was a nice feeling and is the only way I can explain it - not proud, just nice.

Then it got me thinking about my own mark - giving (or leaving) just a little impression or footprint behind - so to speak.

And even though those steps are not really that important {in a modern world} I'd like to think one day a great granddaughter of mine will go looking for a little piece of me and get a nice feeling about the kind of person I was - the things I achieved - and maybe {if I'm lucky} be a little proud too.