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I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

A special 'Weekly'


I'm just popping in quickly with a quick update on all the going ons over here. 'Phew!' what a week it's been since the kids broke up last Thursday.

We've seen and celebrated three birthdays in the past five days ending on a high (as always) with mine yesterday....and we've had all the Easter shenanigans thrown in to the middle, just to add an extra bit of excitement. At least it didn't land on my birthday this year - or Mother's day...again. I'm safe now for a few years now.

Anyway - we've got a few more hectic days coming up and then next week it should be all about the 'relax and recline'....I hope.  So until then I'll leave you with a run through of the stuff we've been up to and why I've been so absent from the blog recently.

• Celebrations of the newly turned teenager ran long into the weekend with fine dining at a Pizza establishment - well he is only thirteen!  Resulting in...

• ...a late brunch and walk on the beach - to blow the dark circles and cobwebs away.

• Watching the boats stretch their sails on a most blustery day.

• Easter with all her bounty and a bonnet that was weeks in the constructing and came third in the 'most lovely' competition - squeal of delight all round.

• The Misters birthday and a trip down to St Margret's Bay to get blustered and buffeted around and to stand and gawp at how closely we could see France. Then off to a posh place to scoff afternoon tea.  As gentlemen do! Or should that be gentlefolk.

• And then the most important of the lot (naturally) my birthday yesterday where I was completely spoilt with gorgeous presents galore and the day of my choice.  I chose a trip to the woods with many high jinks and hilarity. I can't remember the last time I did a balance walk on a fallen log.

Forget the kids, I think adults should have a fifty things to revisit from their childhood while they still have the ability to do so.  My next aim is to climb a tree....maybe!

• We ended the day (the Mister and I) sinking a bottle of wine and thumbing through our album (vinyl's for all you youngsters) collection remembering the moves and recounting stories of our youth.

Think New Romantics, Tears for Fears, The Style Council and Kate Bush. Howard Jones, Human League, The Police and The Jam.

Oh happy days!

Back next week with more tales of adventure - have a good one.