Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

The nature of things

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of seagulls - not the ones around here.

They're big, they're noisy and downright pests.  Ripping through rubbish bags and intimidating all that cross their path.  Big bruisers with an attitude and not afraid to use it.

But as this moment unfolded before my eyes - the capture, the kill, the victim, the prey - it left me somewhat shaken, in awe....a little scared.  The look in her eyes said it all...back off - now!

So I did.

I clicked my camera to the point of being daring (for me) her body language making me wary, and all the while I'm backing off - ever so slowly - a little step at a time. 

Nature is what nature is I guess and I know you must let it be...not interfere.  

A near to starving (urban) fox with babes to feed, a chance opportunity.

Have a jolly old weekend.