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The Colour Collaborative :: October / Memories

All photographs © Nina Nixon

No one can sum up October memories for me better than the English author and illustrator Shirley Hughes.

It's my love of her work that inspires the creative in me, seeking out nature, pondering thoughts and blending my words until they flow like a melody carrying me into my own little daydream.


Mist in the morning,
raw and nippy,
leaves on the pavement,
wet and slippy.

Sun on fire,
behind the trees,
muddy boots,
muddy knees.

Shop windows,
lighted early,
soaking grass,
dewy, pearly.

Red, lemon,
orange and brown,
silently, softly,
the leaves float down.

by Shirley Hughes

...from her much loved and treasured book (by myself and the children) 'Out and About'.

Though my truly raw memories would also add a slight twist on those words when I was heavily pregnant with the smallest. Trudging through leaves on a daily basis at the back end of October desperately wanting to hold on a little longer.  She was born almost almost on the threshold of October.  The need to wait on a few more days for more reasons than one - some selfish, some not.

Not wanting a babe born on October 31st - all hallows' eve - or sharing her birthday with another. We clutched on (her and I) a whole twenty four hours when she did come into our world giggling and chattering...a whole four weeks early, but we made it, the two of us.

That was nearly six years ago, but the memories - those feelings - will be with me forever.

Though that's another story.

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