Nina Nixon


I'm Nina, a photographer, film maker and forever wanderer.  Passionate about nature, the great outdoors and all of life's adventures.  This is the place where I keep all my 'field notes'

Wander and Gather

All words and pictures © Nina Nixon

Last night whilst packing up our (rented) house to move to pastures green and searching high and low for the 'right kind of box' to place all our foraged bits and bobs in to it occurred to me, that whenever we go out - whether it's the comfort of our back porch or for a longer hike in to the hills...over dale or down the road - we always come back with some kind of treasure.

Yesterday was a prime example.  A stroll down to the canal found us heading home with armfuls of wood for the open fire, snapped off and fallen from the recent blustery winds.

We have shelves dedicated to all the egg shells found in late Spring from hatched baby birds, piles of sea glass, feathers in bottles.  Conkers are piled up on the dresser and fir cones half fill a basket.  And then there is the unusual, the things we find that fill us with wonder.  Like a spiral piece of bark saved from the forest floor.

I could place my hand in anyone of our coat pockets (right now) and could pull out some kind of 'found treasure' spied and collected, placed somewhere for safe keep.

This got me thinking.

Why not have a place for such precious things, a place of 'beautiful things' that all can access or add to...if you wish.  No matter if it's foraged for baking, found for making, pressed for framing or displayed. Even things that you've come across and found, but wouldn't dream of taking - like a precious flower, birds nest or mushroom...the latter is one I still haven't the confidence to pick.

I'm going to call it 'Wander and Gather'.

I've set up a such a place for us.  A place where we can all get involved and add our discoveries.   I've already started on Instagram (I'm just plain old me Nina Nixon) if you'd like to find and follow me.  The hash tag is #wanderandgather and I'm going to add all my worthy finds.

Whether it's a handful of boshed up sea glass, a piece of driftwood, berries and flowers gathered, mushrooms foraged or like me, an armful of wood. What ever you find let me know.  And if you're on IG add the hash tag for us all to find, love, comment on you beautiful gatherings.

I can't wait to see your discoveries.