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'When it comes to scarves are you an any kind of the seasonal wearer or does your mind wander to a wrapped up kind of warmth, when the weather turns a little chillier?'.

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I first met Hannah over on Instagram a couple of months ago.  It was her feed that attracted me and the fact that she lives in Cheshire too.  Her visual content is amazing.  

So when I spied a post Hannah had put up with the hash tag #wearkindcheshire

I was somewhat curious about it.  It turns out Hannah is also the brains behind  'Kind' - beautifully designed blanket scarves for any kind of weather.

But there is a lot more to Hannah than I realised.  At just 24 she has lived an incredible far. Even though she describes herself as 'a bit of a butterfly brain' working simultaneously on various different projects and crafts.

With a degree accomplished in Paris where she then moved to and lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years before heading homeward bound to the UK and settling in Brighton, for a little while and working in a country house hotel which then followed on toCanopy Creative which incorporated pop up flower stalls, flower workshops, supper clubs, event styling and installations.

I would say a rather fabulous multi-tasker than butterfly brain.

I have had the honour of photographing one of Hannah's scarves but to find out more behind this truly inspiring woman continue reading as my interview follows below.

All words and photography © Nina Nixon

.  Hi Hannah - can you tell us a little about yourself and where you are based?

I recently moved from Brighton, where I ran my own little floral design and event styling business ( to Cheshire, where I grew up.

Since being back in the North West I have been developing future plans for Canopy, keeping busy in freelance content, marketing and photography and launching Kind.

.  What inspired Kind?

For a few winters I had been looking for that massive scarf you could get lost in, but could never find a good quality one I could afford.  So last year I made one for myself.  This autumn, I saw that the style was becoming quite popular so I made some more, sewed labels in and popped them up for sale on my Canopy website.

.  Can you tell us a bit about your product range?

I carefully select six wool blend fabrics for their warmth, soft and muted tones to create simple versatile shapes with the characteristic oversized style.  Each design is a limited edition - I only create 2 or 3 of each style as I didn't want to start with too large a stock.  I think this makes them much more special to own one of 3 in the whole wide world!.

I adore every stage of the process, from finishing each scarf by hand to handwriting invoices and thoughtful gift-wrapping.

.  Your designs are just beautiful, where does your inspiration come from?

I was brought up to 'make instead of buy' whenever possible, from cards to curtains.  Not too cool as a teenager, but a philosophy I am now so thankful for.  So whenever I am inspired to craft something, I can thank my creative mother.

.  How versatile are your scarves.  Just for when the weather turns chilly, worn with style, shared or wrapped around the shoulders with a pin in place or something else...maybe more?

The scarves are unisex and can be worn in a number of ways.  From simply draped around the shoulders or fastened with a pin across the chest, to wrapped up like a traditional scarf.  I hope that everyone will wear theirs differently and really make it their own.

.  Is there anyone person that you admire, that you would like to be seen in one of your scarves and where would you like to spot one, just strolling down the street or browsing through a magazine?

Nothing would make me happier than a Kind scarf becoming someone's staple item.  That one thing that smells of your perfume, gets softer with age, that you love and will always keep.  Just one person! Apart from myself.

.  What is your most favourite design, out of all you have created?

My favourite is the Patrick, named after my brother.  The fabric drapes really nicely and you can dress the monochrome pattern up or down.  All the designs are named after members of my family and friends.

.  How do you wear and utilise your scarf?

You will usually find me wearing the first scarf I made, huge, burgundy and (now) faded.  Thrown around my shoulders with a full-length black cardigan and old leather riding boots.  I work from home, but when I nip out to the post office with Kind parcels, this is comfy and plenty warm enough without a big coat.

.  What's next for Kind.  What direction can you see yourself going in?

I have my eye on a couple of silk fabrics to create lighter shawls next year and I hope to look into possible stockists.

Also I spend a lot of time in Liverpool and will be moving into a living / working studio next year.

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When Hannah isn't working incredibly hard and working on plans to expand her creative designs you can find her indulging her love of photography, dressmaking, ceramics, reading, cooking and baking. Her mother is also a painter and she loves to spend time painting with her.

Her favourite things to do in Cheshire include walking around the lake in Delemere Forest and having lunch with a take in view at the Pheasant Inn.  You can also find her splashing out on coffee served in a silver pot at the Grosvenor in Chester and for afters, browsing the dusty antiques at Lady Hayes in Frodsham.

Hannah has truly amazing energy and a vibe that completely inspires me and I can honestly vouch from first hand experience that her handmade scarves are the warmest and most softest I have every had the honour to wear...and own.  I doubt I shall every part with it.  Though I did find the smallest curled up with it fast asleep at the weekend.  I didn't have the heart to prise it off her.  Though I think I need to find a better hiding place when the occasion arises for the need to remove it from myself.

By the way - I am a 'any kind of seasonal scarf wearer' and can't wait to see what Hannah designs for her Spring / Summer collection.

The future awaits.

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